Guide to Hot-dip Galvanizing
Coating Technology

Galvanizing Process – What is Galvanizing?

The hot-dipping process is the immersion of a part made of steel or iron into a bath of molten metal, creating a metallurgical reaction between

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welding technology

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Non Destructive Testing

Penetrant Dwell Time
Liquid Penetrant NDT (PT)

What is Liquid Penetrant Dwell Time?

Penetrant dwell time is the period where liquid penetrant remains on the test piece surface before removal. The liquid penetrant remains on the test piece

Penetrant Test Classifications
Liquid Penetrant NDT (PT)

A Guide to Penetrant Test Classifications

Liquid penetrant classification is divided into several categories which are: the type that categorizes based on the type of contrast dye used in the penetrant


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Engine crank web deflection measurements
Marine Engineering

Engine Crank Web Deflection Measurement

It is usual to periodically measure crank web deflections in an engine to monitor main bearing wear or changes in shaft alignment. Main engine deflections