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Welding Symbols | Guide to Reading Weld Symbols

Ever since the industrial revolution, mass production and industrial development have been booming to cover the needs for a…
Fillet Weld
Welding Technology

What is a Fillet Weld?

Whether you have just picked up welding or are an old grizzly veteran, you will probably hear the term fillet welds tossed around the weld

Butt Weld
Welding Technology

What is a Butt Weld?

If you are an aspiring welder who wants to learn the rules of the trade as perfectly as possible, you must know about butt welds.

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Welding Technology

Become Certified Welder
Welding Technology

How to Become a Certified Welder?

Opportunities in the welding business are expanding, and becoming certified as a welder is a great way to advance your career. Being a welder requires

How Much Do Welders Make
Welding Technology

How Much Do Welders Make?

When you are a student and thinking about going for a welder course, the question “how much do welders make?” comes to your mind. This

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Non Destructive Testing

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Bulk Metal Forming Processes Overview

Metal forming processes are broadly divided into bulk metal forming and Sheet metal forming processes.   Forging (open die forging, impression die forging, press forging),

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Marine Engineering