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Contribute Content

We share our community members articles, videos and technical projects that help us to enhance our content. Whenever you write or capture something you think it is interesting to should be shared on Workshop Insider, we will be glad to receive and share it with others.

Please email [email protected] with your article and your details.

Publishing Criteria

 Here are our criteria to get your submission noticed:

  • Provide original content, copying others content is not allowed and against copyright laws. 
  • Content should be in one of the mechanical disciplines.
  • Provide descriptive content with a descriptive subject line.
  • Article’s photos and videos should be captured by content contributor and not taken from other sources unless you hold written authorization to share it in public from content’s owner and ready to share a copy of your permission with us. 
  • As much as practically possible, you are requested to provide your sources references.